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Seeding Trays
Seeding Boxes
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Bushel Boxes
Chitting Trays Sold Out - Bushel Boxes Still Available.
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Wooden Potato Chitting Trays Click Here For:           Old Wooden Bushel Farm Boxes
What are Chitting Trays ?
These are trays which farmers used to seed potatoes. They are wooden trays and as you can see by the picture on the left they stack on top of each other. The potatoes were laid out in the trays and left to seed ready for planting.

The chitting trays from the 1960s and 70s are becoming very rare as most farmers required the space they were taking up and destroyed them.

Now very collectable for displays and the bases of unique garden furniture these trays are becoming popular for many varied  uses.

Chitting Trays

Barn Stored
most of their life so they are in excellent condition.

These wooden trays are available with the original farmers markings
or plain so you can put your own advertising material on the sides.

The Potato Seeding Trays
are available for pick-up at
Hawkhurst in Kent

Delivery for larger quantities can be arrange for most of the South East UK area. Price on Application

You can arrange for your own courier to pick-up and deliver if you wish.

Old Wooden English Potato Seeding Boxes


Wooden Farm Boxes  Trays


These Wooden Boxes are getting to be very rare.


Carefully looked after they can only increase in value.


Click on the link below to request more information and/or to order your.

Wooden Boxes Contact Seller

External Size of the Boxes

30in Long x 18in Wide x 6in High
subject to a small variation in size

These potato seeding boxes can be used for

Seeding potatoes
Seeding Tomatoes
Storing Apples
Storing Pears

They also make a great shop window display

Great Price of only 5 each

Free Delivery to the South East UK
for orders of 100 or more.

Other areas, delivery price on application

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